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31 Oct

20 Seconds of Courage - Statement from director Shunsuke Okubo

We just wanted to say a massive big thank you for all the interest and invitations.

16 Jun

Announcement: Terminus is back

What had they brought back from this long and weary journey?

13 Jun

Share your Into the World Stories

Does your child have a story in their own LITTLE WORLD?? Share the story with us!

19 Mar

20 Seconds of Courage - Screenings

20 Seconds of Courage Screenings in the US, UK & Japan.

24 Feb

Exclusive: Q&A with Shunsuke Okubo

"You asked, I answered. that's all." - Shunsuke Okubo



25 Dec

Exclusive: Get your copy now! - Clocks Tell the Time (2014)

Shunsuke Okubo's Christmas Collection 2014, which include Extended version of CLOCKS TELL THE TIME, is out now! I

10 Dec

Exclusive: The teaser poster for upcoming feature film INTO THE WORLD

Beautifully paintings by Incredible Elicia Edijanto.The teaser poster for upcoming feature film INTO THE WORLD is out.

30 Nov

Director Shunsuke Okubo's VISION of INTO THE WORLD

"Every child has a favourite place known only to himself/herself. That is their own LITTLE world, No one can go in there - even their parents and friends. In there they feel the wind, based in light, and listen the music." - Shunsuke Okubo, dir.-writer.

25 Oct

Exclusive: Shunsuke Okubo talks about the Peculiar Children

"Odd, Peculiar, Crazy... I take these words as a praise. Because that means I'm different from others. I never want to be an ordinary." - Shunsuke Okubo