Hello boys and girls!

This is Shunsuke, dir. I just wanna say thank you for your submission to INTO THE WORLD. There were over 3,500 submissions for roles (and I also received some submissions to Into the Woods via email.) My film is Into the WORLD. not the WOODS. Into the Woods is the Musical/Film that is one of my favourite. It is funny, clever, complex, poignant, enchanting and also deliciously dar… oh, sorry, we need to talk about Into the World.

First, I need to say this: Really really sorry for the delay. Due to the delay in the 'Can I Get a Light?’ shoot and other things, we are running way behind schedule.

Much to my joy, I recieved a bunch of messages telling me: "Can't wait to be a part of INTO THE WORLD. Please invite me to the audition!" Really appreciate it (:
Oh, and I received some questions about current status of INTO THE WORLD so I will try to answer them.


A: Still Casting. but now things are really bad between me (director) and producers, and it has been stuck in development… Sorry for the delay.
A: I do want to cast actors from a very wide range of talent - and I don’t care about their experiences. but they say “NO” and have been ignoring my casting list for auditions. I don't think they like me.
A: Some actors are invited to the audition for the role of Aidan and Matthew based on Team Producers casting list - most of them are well-known actors and there is some actors who I wanted to work with. they are really good. that's true. but, you know, I'd love to cast actors from a very wide range of talent and want to see their talent. so I will NOT make a decision to cast them yet.
you may already know but, now, splits the crew in two: Team Shunsuke (director) and Team Producers. unfortunately, Team Shunsuke are outnumbered... which team are you on? You are on my team... right??
A: I've thought I'm one of the person who involved in casting and I can invite to the audition whoever I like. but there appears to be a misunderstanding.
A: If you are already a member of SONations you can read this article. This is my VISION of INTO THE WORLD.
* Unfortunately, new submission to SONations is currently closed.
A: If you wish to be considered for adding you to MY casting list for auditions then please email casting@sostudiosfilm.com. Be sure to read the instruction below.
Please send me:
  • Your Photo
  • MUST attach at least 1 recent photo. I suggest your photo is: in color, either a headshot or a full body shot, a smiling photo. Children should look natural with not a lot of make-up or jewelry. please be sure that your photos are clear and visible, not blurry or out of focus. Selfie will not be considered. The picture you attached should be the best representation of what you look like right now!
  • CV/Resume
  • Your resume should be include your name, (playing)age, height & weight, ethnicity, hair & Eye color, experience etc... I know your actor resume is hard to write. But it's your single greatest tool for marketing yourself at an audition.
  • a short covering email
  • (if you have) Link/s to a showreel or example of your work
Unfortunately, due to the large quantity of messages I receive, I cannot personally respond to every applicant. However all applications are considered. Therefore do not make any follow-up calls please.
A: If you would like to resubmit, you may do so. Please read the instruction. Please be clear that it's a resubmit.
A: All I can say now is AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. but I can't invite you to the audition until resolve the bad things betweem me and producers. sorry. please wait.
A: I'm currently inactive in the social media website but @ShunsukeOkubo is my official Twitter account. and Just launched the account for casting, @notshunpikeo. It's also REAL account. If you have a Twitter account, please let me know. I will follow you. If you don't have one and want to let me know about your recent activity, you can fell free to send me a message at: fanmail@shunsukeokubo.com. I'd love to get to know you outside of just an audition process!!
* I cannot personally respond to every message, but I promise I will read all messages and try to reply as much as I can.

and Here is my Official Facebook page: www.facebook.com/ShunsukeOkubo I'm also inactive in Facebook, but tumbs up if you want... whatever.
A: Currently it's available to only some people (my crews & some studios etc...)
For your consideration, it will be available on awards.sostudiosfilm.com after a film is completed.

Here's my copy of shooting script for INTO THE WORLD!!

If you have any other questions you can ask me here. I will answer the question about INTO THE WORLD with top priority. but due to the high volume of questions, I can't guarantee that I'll answer to your question.
* You can ask me a question anonymously, but I recommend to ask with Tumblr account so I can send you a notification when I answered to your question.


Don't grow up,