Announcement: Terminus is back

What had they brought back from this long and weary journey?
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Announcement: Terminus is back

so studios  press  2016-06-16 19:23:26
  • Announcement: Terminus is back

Almost two years has passed since the release of Shunsuke Okubo’s film Terminus. After its became a hit, Terminus is coming back. As a television series. Shunsuke Okubo already signed on to play Daniel in this series, but he won’t direct/write it.

Just signed on to play Daniel in @Terminus_TV. I won't direct/write this series but I'm leaving it in capable hands.

And Kento Muranaka (who played Teddy in Terminus) is considered for a role of Teddy.

BIG DAY TODAY! CD for @Terminus_TV contacts me to play the role of Teddy again w/ @ShunsukeOkubo! #actorslife

Also Sam Maxwell (Caleb) and Tess Grant (Bess) are attached.

more details coming soon…
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